Find your natural beauty.

Inspired by tried and true ingredients from around the world, found™ features a collection of products inspired by ancient beauty rituals.

Miracle ingredients from cultures of the world known for their healing properties are combined with potent plant actives to create modern personal care solutions that never sacrifice quality.

High Performance.
Results Driven.
Trend Focused.

Miracle Ingredients From Around the World™

Our products are derived from a combination of scientific and natural, renewable raw materials. found™ strives to preserve nature’s functionality by minimizing modification during processing. Process control and rigorous quality standards throughout production provide consistent, reliable product performance.

In addition to functionality, consumers want to buy effective, healthy and more naturally-derived products that help improve their skin’s appearance, all while being friendly to the environment. The natural category has exploded and now accounts for a growing percentage of the global personal care market and is climbing at double digit rates. found™ follows the strict US FDA guidelines for compliance and the NPA (Natural Product Association) qualification list of raw materials for guidance in supporting our label claims.

The natural calculation of all product formulas is consistently calculated using natural ingredients, naturally-derived ingredients and water to obtain the final percentage on package.

Formulas developed and produced in the USA with domestic and imported parts.* Ingredients sourced from around the world.

*Baked Powders: Formulas developed in the USA. Produced in Poland with Polish and imported parts.
*Sheet Masks: Formulas developed in the USA. Produced in Korea.

found™ formulas are never tested on animals.